Be still not Stagnant.

I realize that I am totally incapable of Controlling this life solo. I find myself surrending my will to His will and regretibly taking it back only to surrender it again.
Will you join in and give it ALL to HiM?
I am not suggesting that you STAY Still and be stagnant. I am merely suggesting that you TRUST HIM ENTIRELY with everything. After all HE is OUR creator and HE has the PERFECT plan.

Keep moving in Him! There is life only In Him,With Him and Through Him. Allow Him to flow completely through you guiding you All the way.

Trusting in the Journey is🗝



A fews months back I was driving home from work and while waiting at a stop sign I had a flashback of an accident I was in. It was about 3 years ago the impact was so hard the airbags deployed leaving me with a 2nd degree burn on my inner forearm. I recall the pain lingering for a few months. It felt like it was sizzling and cooking from within. Not to mention the scar was pretty ugly. In the midst of the flashback I looked at my arm and my scare was still there but I noticed the pain was gone.

I heard the Lord say this is what true forgiveness is! When you can still see the scar but no longer feel the pain. In other words the memory will always be there but the sting or the pain will be gone.

There is an old saying” No pain No Gain” That does Not apply to this Topic.


I know it’s no easy but if you continue to allow God to touch your wound I promise one day the pain will subside. Give it to the mighty Healer.


In the mornings I ask God to set my affections towards him meaning turning my heart in His direction. Lately things have been good but I have to be honest with you not too long ago I was out of control. Emotions everywhere saying and doing things that are contrary to the direction I desire to go in.
People believe me when I say there is a devil. He sets his affection towards us too. He sends his demons out to seduce us with imagery which entices us to chase him by convincing us that all we need is in him. He is really good at his game but know that God has given you the power to fight and have victory over these battles. We have to be mindful of where are heart and affections are. The daily battle is a moment by moment, it’s a thought by thought or a trial by trial. Set your affections toward God because His affections are set towards you. When the two meet there is true intimacy. The kind of intimacy that changes hearts and leaves you longing for more of His goodness. Go after God with avengence and allow his goodness to turn around and pursue you.
Seek Him and He will find you in a Victorious way.

A Dangerously Passionate Love Affair

Music and Mood are closely interrelated.

I recently discovered Yacht Rock on XM radio. It’s a wonderful plethora of seventies music. I have to say that I have a love hate relationship with the station.
Let me expound
In a few moments I could be rockin in in my seat and suddenly I’m in the throws of a overwhelming sadness of what was. Maybe its just the excitement of the possibility of what lies ahead!
Do I change the station?
I’m back and forth!

Why do I do it to myself?

Am I simply in love with this station or am I in love with reaching back in the archives of a colorful past?

Monogamy or infidelity?

What the heck!
I can hardly wait to get behind the wheel to engage in more shanagians.

There Is a Main Road Connected To Every Side Road.

OK it’s confession time Lol

I remember last summer My husband and I got into a Heated argument. I Wanted to go on a ride up the coast towards Santa Barbara. He had other plans for the day and didn’t wanna go.
I was so upset I stormed out of the house and decided to go by myself. Needless to say It was a Miserable trip. I was hurt sad and angry . On the way there I noticed a sign which caught my attention. I immediately turned off the Hwy on to the side road and followed the Signs to chamush Casino. I thought ” I’m gonna play the penny machine and have a grand old time by myself” My mood quickly changed and I was super excited. I knew I should have not been at a casino by myself, But I didn’t care because I was doing what I wanted to do.
I did have a grand old time by myself and no I didn’t win a dime lol.
Time flew by and before I knew it, it was starting to get dark. I quickly went to the restroom jumped in my car and got back on the road.
When Exitng the casino parking lot I turned the wrong way. It didn’t look familiar at all so I panic and turned around and went back the other way. By this Time It’s getting darker. I still did not recognize where I was. It just felt like I was still going the wrong way so then I turned around again went back the other way. This led me to a 4 way round-about. I got on the round-about and panicked; I couldn’t remember where I started. It took me to a side road which was pitch black and I couldn’t even see the road in front of me. I turned around and I went back to the round-about and I repeated this at least 3 or 4 times.

My family is always on me about filling my gas tank up and charging my phone. I suck at these two things. Needless to say my phone wasn’t charged very well, the cell phone service in the area was horrible because of the nearby mountains and I didn’t have much gas. This brought me into a deeper panic. My pride fueled my stubbornness and I refused to call my family for help.

I kept moving and got myself in a deeper hole. I pulled off to the side of the road pleading and crying out to God asking for forgiveness and I’m sure I made promises to Him that I Probably could never ever keep. I sat waiting for a car to pass me so I can at least follow it to the main road. Finally I saw a highway patrol, I flagged him down and he led me in the right direction. Isn’t it funny how we make all these promises to God in the midst of our panic. I finally made it home safely learning several huge lessons.

Thank goodness that God keeps His promises. He lead me back home where I should have never left in the first place.

This Journey called life can get pretty complicated at times. We can sometimes loose our direction and focus for various reasons. Life circumstances and choices can cause us the take a side road putting us in an area where we never desired to be.

Always remember there is a main road connected to every side road.